Approximate cost and timing
Landing page
A one-page website that focuses all the attention on a product or service and effectively presents their benefits to potential customers
5-7 days
From 500 $
10-14 days
From 700 $
Creating a site with a more complex structure: several pages that are combined menus or other blocks with links
14 - 28 days
From 1000 $
Creating a website for selling products with a storefront, payment system, shopping cart and notification of the seller and buyer of the order
3-5 days
From 200 $
A business card website is a simple little web resource consisting of a few blocks of information about a company, product, service or person.
business card website
5-7 days
From 300 $
Prototyping, developing a visual concept, creating a design layout, developing adaptive versions, preparing the layout for desktop publishing
1 hour
10 $ for
Revision. A small change to the site. For example, edit the design, connect the payment system or adjust various forms

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